Customs Healthcheck

30 minute Zoom call followed by written guidance

Suitable for: Specific issues relating to importing and exporting / customs

Company audit of import / export processes

In person and followed by written guidance

Suitable for: Companies that want a customs compliant, cost-effective import/export system

Tariff Classification

Up to 5 SKUs.

Suitable for: New exporters or importers or companies whose HS codes have been rejected by customs

Find suitable logistics partners

A minimum of 3.

Suitable for: New exporters or importers or companies unhappy with their current provider

Check rules of origin and import duty

For up to 3 HS codes and 3 customs territories

Suitable for: Companies that want to be sure their customers can claim preference to reduce import duty

Monthly retainer

 To advise on import / export questions as they arise

Suitable for: Companies that need ad hoc advice from time to time

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