Struggling to navigate the latest customs regulations? We can help.

The International Trade Consultancy exists to help businesses grow through international trade.

Keeping up to date with complex customs regulations is time consuming and the penalties for getting it wrong can be very costly.  Your focus should be on growing your business, not worrying about how to comply with constantly changing import and export requirements. Whether you need help with a specific problem relating to customs declarations and documents or want to develop a global supply chain The International Trade Consultancy will ensure your business is set up to make the most of the benefits of international trade.

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Our Services

Customs Healthcheck

30 minute Zoom call followed by written guidance

Suitable for: Specific issues relating to importing and exporting / customs

Company audit of import / export processes

In person and followed by written guidance

Suitable for: Companies that want a customs compliant, cost-effective import/export system

Tariff Classification

Up to 5 SKUs.

Suitable for: New exporters or importers or companies whose HS codes have been rejected by customs

Find suitable logistics partners

A minimum of 3.

Suitable for: New exporters or importers or companies unhappy with their current provider

Check rules of origin and import duty

For up to 3 HS codes and 3 customs territories

Suitable for: Companies that want to be sure their customers can claim preference to reduce import duty

Monthly retainer

 To advise on import / export questions as they arise

Suitable for: Companies that need ad hoc advice from time to time

How we can help you


Clients often comment that the information available relating to specific problems is confusing and woolly. The International Trade Consultancy will provide practical, easy to follow steps that will give you the outcome you need as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Supply Chain

Develop an efficient and customs compliant supply chain

Duty Payments

Determine if products qualify for simplified procedures to avoid paying unnecessary duty

Warehouse Operations

Set up warehouse operations in another country

Commodity Codes

Check products have been classified correctly and meet rules of origin requirements

Growth Strategy

Advise and implement international growth strategy

Authorised Economic Operator

Guidance through the Authorised Economic Operator application

Free Ports

Advice regarding suitability for utilisation of free ports

Northern Ireland

Customs declarations for Northern Ireland


Ensure compliance with rules of origin

Export Markets

Research partners in new export markets and manage contract negotiations


Help with freight forwarders and customs brokers


Thorough audit of existing processes and customised training program including templates for customs documents

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