Find suitable logistics partners


93% of clients report improved satisfaction with imports and exports after moving to a more suitable logistics partner

Finding the right logistics partner for your company and products is absolutely crucial. Factors you need to consider are;


    • Value for money
    • Geographical coverage
    • Reliability
    • Customer Service
    • Boxes vs pallets
    • Incoterms
    • Customs brokerage
    • Deferment account charges
    • Own fleet or subcontract?
    • Professionalism
Evaluating potential delivery companies for all these considerations is extremely time consuming and most business owners feel they could be doing something much more productive. However, getting it wrong can have serious repercussions for your reputation and may cost you business. That’s why so many companies delegate this task to The International Trade Consultancy. With our extensive contacts and knowledge of the industry we will find the right partner for you while you concentrate on sales and customers.  To find out how Finding the right logistics partner helped one of our clients read the Semmco case study

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