Advanced Tariff Ruling – ATaR


100% of clients with an ATaR reported savings of more than £3500.00 p.a. due to the elimination of import delays and incorrect duty caused by HS code disagreements with HMRC.

Many companies are uncertain as to whether they are using the correct commodity codes when they import goods and raw materials or export their products. Tariff Classification is a complicated process and it’s easy for SMEs to get it wrong because they don’t understand the rules.

If HMRC disagrees with the HS code you’re using your goods may be pulled for inspection which causes delays and additional costs. In extreme cases your goods may even be seized.

The solution is to apply for a legally binding tariff ruling from HMRC. The ruling number is entered on the customs declaration to guarantee smooth import and export of your goods every time.

The International Trade Consultancy will;

  • Check the HS code you are proposing
  • Apply for the ATaR on your behalf
  • Deal with any queries from HMRC
  • Appeal the decision if required

Once the process has been completed you will be 100% certain that your imports / exports will never be challenged and that unexpected duty or license demands will be imposed.

To find out how Eskuta Ltd reclaimed £48,000 in incorrectly charged import duty following a successful ATaR application read the case study.

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