What we do

The mission of The International Trade Consultancy is to provide practical, customised, easy to implement export advice that will save you time and money.

With over 15 years experience of exporting goods globally, including to the EU and Northern Ireland post-Brexit, we are the international trade experts who can solve your export problems and guarantee customs compliance.

Our USP is that our exporting solutions are tailored to your individual products and circumstances. We take the time to fully understand your export procedures and processes and then design a system that tells you how to export your goods in the simplest, most cost-effective and customs compliant way possible.



Special Procedures


Tariff Classification of Goods

Origin of Goods

Customs Declarations

Duty Relief

Import VAT

Simplified Procedures

Valuation Methods


Dual Use Licensing Requirements

Trading with Northern Ireland

Customs Document Templates

We can be your one-stop shop for Brexit export support including Brexit business training and customs compliance training. Many clients find it helpful to retain us on a monthly basis to provide support and advice on any international trade issues that arise such as checking HS codes, advising on Incoterms and checking commercial invoices. Whether you’re an experienced exporter, or just starting out, our practical, easy to understand advice will ensure the process is smooth and successful for you and your customers. So contact us today and within 24 hours you’ll be on the way to reducing costs and increasing your profits through exports.

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