Company audit of import / export processes


100% of clients report a reduction of 2 hours per week spent on import / export processes saving at least £1560 p.a.

The rules and regulations around importing and exporting change so frequently that even experienced traders get caught out from time to time.

As an SME owner it’s impossible to keep up to date with all the latest developments and it’s easy to drift into a situation where you’re not compliant which causes complications and delays. Perhaps your processes are all correct but you suspect you could be doing things much more efficiently and cost-effectively. Part of the problem is that EU customers and suppliers are also working from old information and demanding certificates of origin or CE marking when they’re not required.

The additional administrative burden can make a serious dent in your bottom line. The Company Audit takes place at your premises and is a deep dive in to how all of your importing and exporting processes are working. Areas covered include;

  • Incoterms
  • Suppliers
  • Invoices from logistics partners
  • C88s
  • Import duty
  • Analysis of why consignments have been delayed / examined by Customs
  • HS codes
  • VAT

Once all the information gathered during the audit phase has been analysed you’ll receive a written report with practical, customised recommendations on how to export and import in the simplest, most cost-effective and customs compliant way possible.

To find out how the Company audit of import/export processes helped one of our clients read the Hone-All Precision case study.

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