Client: Hone-All Precision Ltd



Hone-All Precision Ltd offer complete machining services including boring, drilling, honing, turning and tube manufacturing. They service a wide range of industries such as Oil & Gas, Aerospace / Defence, Formula One and Injection Moulding. Hone-All’s USP is the collaborative and inclusive way the company is run with teamwork and communication at the heart of everything they do. This culture of trust and accountability means customers can be sure their project will be completed to the highest quality on time every time.


Hone-All Precision win regular orders from customers in France, Poland, Italy and Germany. Prior to Brexit these customers were happy to arrange collection of their orders as it was cheaper for them to use transport companies local to them who were returning from the UK after deliveries. However, when it became necessary to complete export and import declarations which required detailed knowledge of commodity codes and rules of origin they told Hone-All that the price of their continued custom was that Hone-All arranged delivery. Like many SMEs, Hone-All didn’t have the time or resource to research and understand the new regulations governing exports and needed customized information specific to their processes and products.


The International Trade Consultancy visited Hone-All Precision in Leighton Buzzard to fully understand the terms their customers wanted to trade under and the processes they were using to export. It became clear that the commodity codes they were using needed to be adjusted and checked in the context of dual use license regulations. A thorough review of the paperwork and invoices supplied by delivery companies revealed they had paid duty unnecessarily on several consignments which they have now claimed back. Finally, a comprehensive and customized export manual provides all the information about the best way to export to each of their export customers including;

  • commodity codes
  • import duty liabilities
  • which incoterms to use under which circumstances
  • detailed process maps for exporting to Northern Ireland and the EU,
  • import VAT
  • which countries must not be exported to due to sanctions

Lucinda has been extremely helpful and her knowledge and professionalism has helped us navigate the choppy waters of exporting. As an SME, we needed friendly and flexible assistance in language that was easy to understand and presented in documents which were easy to follow. Lucinda managed to achieve both of these with ease and in a cost which represented real value!

Andrea Rodney

Director , Hone-All Precision Ltd