Client: Alpha-Cure Ltd


Customers pay between 7% – 18% less import duty ensuring that Alpha-Cure continues to be priced competitively in their export markets.

Worldwide UV Lamp Technology Specialists | Alpha-Cure

Alpha-Cure is a specialist manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) curing and metal halide lamps that are individually handmade and developed using the most advanced components and leading cutting-edge manufacturing processes. They have a complex supply chain and also export to many markets around the world so keeping track of origin is extremely important for them and their customers.

In order for their customers to be able to claim preferential rates of import duty it was necessary that Alpha-Cure could prove that their lamps were of UK origin. However, like many manufacturers, Alpha-Cure import many of their parts and components and also have suppliers in different customs territories for the same items to give them flexibility and security of supply. Monitoring which parts had gone into which lamps and how that affected origin was a complicated and time-consuming process.

To simplify the situation for them, Alpha-Cure engaged The International Trade Consultancy to check the rules of origin for their products under the terms of the trade agreements in place between the UK and their export markets. Different trade agreements often specify different rules for each commodity code or the rule may be the same but the % by volume or value of non-originating parts allowed may vary. It was also necessary to thoroughly understand the manufacturing processes carried out in the UK and check them against the lists in each trade agreement to ensure they qualified as conferring UK origin. The International Trade Consultancy therefore spent a day at Alpha-Cure’s factory to gather all the data required to provide comprehensive origin reports for each product and export market.

“Thank you so much for your meticulous work establishing the origin of our products! It’s a huge relief to be able to assure our customers that our lamps are of UK origin and that they can pay lower rates of import duty as a result”