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The International Trade Consultancy identified two licensing waivers that could be used for the product without which additional duty of £6000.00 would have been payable by their customer.

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Profile: Aqualife Services is at the forefront of the development of vaccines and development systems that can massively reduce the economic, environmental and welfare impact of disease outbreaks in fish farms. Vaccinating fish successfully reduces the need for antibiotics and cuts the incidence of disease which results in mortality and reduced growth rates.

Problem: The pandemic prompted Aqualife Services to develop a multi species, multi vaccination, semi-automated Covid-19 friendly vaccination solution, to help reduce the number of people required to vaccinate fish. When they won an order from Spain they realised they needed advice on how to export in the most cost-effective, efficient and customs compliant way.

Solution: Aqualife Services approached The International Trade Consultancy and selected hourly rate consultancy service as the best fit for their needs. During one Zoom meeting and one phone call, supported by written instructions and information, The International Trade Consultancy was able to ensure everything was correct regarding the information required on commercial invoice and packing lists, customs procedures, import duty, VAT, incoterms, origin and licensing waivers.

Following their success in Spain, Aqualife Services decided to take advantage of the huge market that exists for their machines in the USA. Once again, The International Trade Consultancy supported them to ensure everything went smoothly and in compliance with the federal and state customs regulations.


Thank you Lucinda, it was great to talk to you this morning and get my head around what we need to do to export our machines on this first occasion. It’s a relief to know all our paperwork is correct and that the shipping process will go smoothly especially as this is a high value order.”

Moyra Jeffrey


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