Blackfriars Shipping Ltd


Comprehensive training covering everything Blackfriars Shipping needed delivered in two half day sessions. Individual courses would have taken 5 times as long and cost £1800.00 more.

InXpress – InXpress Global Shipping Solutions Franchise

Blackfriars Shipping Ltd is a member of the InXpress group which operates on a franchise basis. They are unusual in that a large part of their business is freight forwarding rather than courier services and so their knowledge of customs practices and procedures need to be much more advanced.

The owner of the business and his team had no formal training relating to imports and exports and had learned everything as they went along. After an incredibly busy 3 years building up the business they felt it was time to fill in the gaps in their knowledge but when they looked into the courses available it would have been very expensive to cover every topic where they needed some help. They also suspected that a lot of the course content would have been redundant as they knew it already or it wasn’t relevant to them.

The International Trade Consultancy offers training that is customised to the needs of your business. Lucinda spent half a day at Blackfriars Shipping to understand the challenges and where the gaps in their knowledge were. She then wrote training materials based on what the Blackfriars team needed and delivered it via a virtual meeting a few weeks later. Blackfriars have all the resources to refer back to whenever they need to. Topics included;

  • CDS
  • HS Codes
  • Rules of Origin
  • Temporary Export
  • Transit

“Thank you again for the training and packs we can use going forward. We feel much more confident answering our customer’s queries and providing the correct information for customs declarations”.

Matt Strutt


Blackfriars Shipping