Client: Blue Planet Renewables



Blue Planet Renewables is focused on mitigating climate change and the global shortages of food, energy and water that are caused or exacerbated by climate change. Unlike many other organisations in this space they have extremely specific targets involving productive use of organic waste to generate renewable electricity and hot water, prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, recycling water and producing organic liquid fertilizer.


BPR’s UK Technology providers have been generating electricity and heat from organic waste for 2500 homes for 10 years. They are now collaborating with governments in other countries to build plants to roll out the benefits of their expertise and experience. One of their partnerships is in Jamaica where they intend to grow camelina sativa seed. A trial consignment of 60kgs needed to be delivered as quickly as possible to arrive in time for the growing season and under refrigerated conditions to prevent the seeds from starting to germinate in transit before they could be planted.


The International Trade Consultancy researched suitable logistics partners who could meet BPR’s specific requirements and provided a selection of quotes to choose from. All issues regarding delivery were managed by The ITC including;

  • Correct commodity code
  • Incoterms
  • Customs Procedure Code
  • EORI numbers / Tax Identification
  • Origin
  • Jamaican import permit
  • Commercial invoice
  • Correct value calculation for import duty

We are pleased to have had the benefit of Lucinda’s attention to detail and methodical approach to difficult export / export scenarios. This approach bodes well for the future and I have no hesitation in recommending this service. Many thanks Lucinda and good luck.

Richard Lilleystone

Blue Planet Renewables