Client: Design & Automation Solutions Ltd



Design & Automation Systems’ aim is to offer clients a one stop shop for all their factory automation, tooling and associated engineering requirements. Engineering services include 3D printing, machine guarding and acoustic covers, machinery installation and commissioning, panel building and parts sourcing. They can also provide machine building and systems integration and offer a design and consultancy services from two sites in Oxfordshire and Tyne and Wear.


D&AS frequently import parts from a regular supplier in Germany. Before Brexit the lead-time to receive the parts was usually 4-5 weeks but the additional customs formalities that were required from January 1st 2021 increased the lead-time to 7-8 weeks. Costs also increased as the supplier charged €150 per order to cover the administrative burden of the Certificate of Origin and providing the transport company with the information they needed to do the export and import declarations. Finally, the transport company that D&AS used subcontracted the collection of the goods to a local haulier which also slowed things down.


The International Trade Consultancy worked closely with the supplier in Germany and the UK transport company to determine the current process and identify where the delays were occurring and why. With the agreement of the German supplier, a streamlined process was designed that eliminated the need for a Certificate of Origin reducing the export process fee by €75.00. The International Trade Consultancy monitored the next closely and it soon became apparent that communication between the UK transport company and the German subcontractor was responsible for a significant delay. An alternative logistics provider was recommended who didn’t subcontract any part of the journey so all the information was within one system which speeded up the customs paperwork and the delivery time.

Lucinda at The International Trade Consultancy has provided fantastic support smoothing out some of Design & Automation Solutions import issues since Brexit. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Mick Stallwood

Director, Design & Automation Solutions Ltd