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4 hours per week has been saved chasing European partners to provide accurate paperwork in the correct format = £3120 p.a.

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Profile: Elemy Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and delivery of Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) and Composite products and services alongside niche carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium metalwork activities. In addition to their UK factory, they also own a factory in Estonia in partnership with a German company.

Problem: Post-Brexit, Elemy found it expedient to take complete control of the import and export processes of their goods to and from the EU but still weren’t getting the cooperation and information they needed for everything to run smoothly. They approached The International Trade Consultancy to write a series of process maps that they could give to their European partners to help them understand what was required.

Solution: The International Trade Consultancy conducted a thorough audit of exactly how Elemy were importing and exporting with the EU and where the problems were occurring. Issues that needed to be resolved included HS codes, the origin of the goods and how they were claiming preference and the quality of information provided on the commercial invoices from their partner company in Germany. Once The International Trade Consultancy thoroughly understood the unique problems Elemy faced they produced clear, step by step guides with all the information needed to simplify their imports and exports. A conference call with their German colleagues was arranged to talk them through everything and explain the importance of sticking to the Commercial Invoice template provided by The International Trade Consultancy.

Many thanks for clarifying all this for us and helping us persuade our partners to follow the processes correctly. I think they finally understand why we’re asking them to do things this way instead of how they always did it!

Richard Brine

Managing Director

Elemy Ltd