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Total import duty reduced from 85.3% to 6% – guaranteed for 5 years.

Eskuta | Leading eBikes & eCargo Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Eskuta Ltd are designers and manufacturers of electric vehicles for the eCargo and personal/leisure markets. They import electric motorcycles and then customise them at their factory in Nuneaton to create unique vehicles with zero carbon emissions for their customers.

Eskuta had been importing the electric motorcycles they use as the starting point for their products without a problem until the summer of 2022 when HMRC challenged the commodity code they were using. The goods were held up in customs for months which put a serious strain on the business and delayed fulfilling dozens of orders. HMRC insisted that a different HS code should be used that, in addition to 6% import duty, imposed countervailing duty of 17.2% and 62.10% anti-dumping duty. Such a huge increase in costs is unviable for any business so unless they were to close, a solution had to be found.

The International Trade Consultancy first worked on Eskuta’s behalf to reclaim the goods from customs which included a visit to an HMRC examination centre to negotiate with the customs agents. To provide clarity and certainty we then embarked on getting an ATaR for the imported product that correctly classified it as an electric motorcycle. This legally binding decision recognised throughout many customs jurisdictions means Eskuta can confidently import the products they need to manufacture their electric motorcycles without fear of challenge or seizure leading to delays and additional duty payments.

“Thanks so much for all your work Lucinda, we couldn’t have done it without you! I can finally get on with running the business now!”

Ian O’Connor

Managing Director

Eskuta Ltd