Client: Jolly Learning Ltd



The mission of the Jolly Learning programme is to teach literacy to children all over the world. The initial Jolly Phonics Handbook has been proven to teach children to read twice as fast than traditional methods and this was followed by the Jolly Grammar range which is designed to help with accurate spelling, to develop vocabulary, dictionary skills, punctuation and grammar. Many countries have adopted it for all state schools, including The Gambia, Nigeria, Seychelles, Oman, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia and Antigua. It is also used by most schools in the Republic of Ireland, and by most private schools in cities such as Accra, Lagos, Cairo, Mumbai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.


The global nature of the supply chain created some challenges for the management team in the UK. Different elements of products are manufactured in different countries and then assembled somewhere else and sold to customers in over 80 countries which raised questions concerning rules of origin (particularly relating to kits and sets). Jolly Learning also provides many digital resources so they needed clarity on tax and import duty for those products.


The International Trade Consultancy spent half a day at Jolly Learning’s premises to fully understand how the supply chain worked and to review their import/export procedures. The following week the project was delivered including correct commodity codes, how origin should be declared for each product in each territory, associated duty obligations and clarity regarding their digital offering.

It’s such a relief to have all of our questions answered and know that we’re doing everything correctly now. We’d asked for help from other organisations in the past but Lucinda has finally given us the answers we needed and explained everything clearly



Manager, Jolly Learning Ltd