Client: Regal Tags Global Ltd


The order was able to be shipped a month earlier than if requiring an export license and the correct use of the waiver code accompanied by the report ensured smooth export of the goods with no delays.

Customised Safety & Tagging Solutions | REGALTAGS

Regal Tags Global design and manufacture customised tagging and safety solutions for use in harsh environments such as oil and gas refineries and pipelines and chemicals manufacturers.

Regal Tags won an order to supply a range of their products to an oil platform that was docked in China but that would be moving to Brazilian waters. One of the products was a Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the HS code for which was flagged in the UK tariff as potentially requiring a dual use export license. When they checked the Dual Use Control List the complexity and technical detail left them feeling ill-equipped to make such an important decision themselves.

The International Trade Consultancy used the Goods Checker Tool to identify that the meter could fall into Category 3 – Electronics or Category 6 – Sensors and Lasers, followed by; A – Systems, Equipment and Components or B – Test, Inspection or Production Equipment. Thorough examination showed there was nothing similar to the Hand Arm Vibration Meter on the UK Export Control Lists and so The International Trade Consultancy was able to provide a report to this effect and advise the correct waiver code to use on the export declaration.

“Thanks very much Lucinda for your prompt service! It really helps to give us clarity in proceeding with this shipment.”

J. Lewis

Regal Tags Global Ltd