Client: Semmco Life Protection Systems


Project One


Semmco designs maintenance equipment for the world’s airlines and railways and delivers innovative solutions to keep professional people safe whilst working in life threatening environments. As one of the most respected providers in their field Semmco service clients worldwide via their UK, UAE and USA facilities.


The Life Protection Systems division manufactures and assembles closed circuit chemical oxygen breathing apparatus, each set contains 300g of KO₂ (potassium superoxide). Semmco needed support exporting their Hazchem and non-hazardous products to Northern Ireland and the EU to ensure they were compliant with the regulations negotiated as part of the UK/EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement further to Brexit.


The International Trade Consultancy visited Semmco’s UK office in Woking to conduct a comprehensive audit of how exports were being processed and to fully understand the needs of the business. Areas covered included;

  • Logistics partners
  • Incoterms
  • Commodity codes
  • Import duty
  • VAT
  • Documentation
  • Rules of Origin
  • Northern Ireland / TSS

The International Trade Consultancy designed a series of process maps for each export territory depending on whether the goods were hazardous or non-hazardous. Step-by-step instructions guide Semmco through each scenario with links to relevant partners’ portals and websites including templates to use for the commercial invoice. Finally, The International Trade Consultancy trained all relevant Semmco personnel to ensure everything was clear and to answer any questions.

Project Two


Semmco had been using one of the FPOs to deliver their orders to customers in GB, Northern Ireland and the EU for several years. This logistics provider was very good value and took care of the export and import formalities when required so overall Semmco were happy with them although there had been some complaints regarding the customs paperwork. However, with no warning the FPO withdrew one of the services that Semmco relied on heavily and so they were prompted to search for a new, more professional logistics partner who could deliver their goods to GB, Northern Ireland and the EU. Due to the nature of Semmco’s products, which contain 333g of KO₂ per unit, it was important to find a transport company that understands the regulations, and that although the goods must travel with a Dangerous Goods Note, they are not actually classified as hazardous.


Researching suitable delivery partners can be very time consuming and take up resources that could be more productively spent on sales and customer service. Semmco were very happy with the work The International Trade Consultancy had done for them in the past and so decided to take advantage of the specialist knowledge they have of the logistics industry. The criteria included;
• Delivery of boxes to GB, Northern Ireland and the EU
• Understanding of regulations relating to Class 2, Class 5.1 (E), UN3356 transport
• Capable of returning products to Semmco for repair without incurring import duty
• Good value for money
• Reliable
• Excellent customer service
The International Trade Consultancy has extensive contacts within the logistics industry and so was able to provide a selection of candidates for Semmco to choose from in a relatively short period of time.

Lucinda has worked with the team to navigate the changing world of import and export and put in place documented processes for us to follow going forward. A job well done.

Carl Bennett

General Manager, Semmco LPS Ltd