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Between 8% – 12% import duty legally avoided representing savings of £1.19 – £1.79 per 30 mint bottle.

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Profile: Super Teeth is an American company that has developed a probiotic for the mouth. The microbiome mints have been formulated to;

  • Protect teeth and gums from harmful bacteria
  • Neutralise acidity that causes tooth erosion
  • Balance your oral microbiome
  • Defend against harmful microorganisms that enter the body through the mouth

Problem: Following their success in the USA it was time to expand through exports and the UK was the obvious place to start via ecommerce platforms. However, they realised there were a lot of factors about selling into the UK market that they didn’t know and so wanted a British consultant to advise them on labelling requirements, HS codes, import duty and VAT, pricing and competitive products. They also needed assistance with the process of moving their product from the 3PL distribution centre in the US where their inventory is held to the 3PL’s warehouse in the UK as the instructions were very difficult to understand for someone inexperienced in international logistics.

Solution: The Founder of Super Teeth approached The International Trade Consultancy and during a Zoom discovery meeting was immediately convinced they had all the expertise he was looking for. The first element of the project involved advising on the different information that is needed on British product labels for supplements so Super Teeth could amend their labels to guarantee compliance. Next, the correct HTS and HS codes were identified to ensure smooth transit through customs on import and that the correct level of duty would be charged. The HTS code proposed by Super Teeth attracts 12% import duty whereas the correct code determined by The International Trade Consultancy attracts 8% import duty. Furthermore, this HS code has a quota for imports from the USA meaning that duty is reduced to 0% if the goods are imported before the quota is used up. Finally, The International Trade Consultancy provided a simple to understand, step by step process map explaining how to send inventory from the US to the UK between the 3PL’s distribution centres enabling any Super Teeth employee to do this when required.

This looks great to me. I appreciate the work that went into creating these instructions and I feel much more confident about selling into the UK. We will definitely use you again when we expand into Europe.

Cameron Dahl


Super Teeth